​Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Are you ready to defend against them?

We Hack You

Before the criminals do!

​We do not use automated software, but use real hacking tools. Our practice is no different from that of a hacker, because we proceed manually and discreetly, adapting our approach to each company individually.

​With our manual penetration test, we simulate a real attack on your company without exploiting the vulnerabilities discovered. We show you how sophisticated hackers would proceed to detect vulnerabilities in your system.

Ready to defend hackers?


​At Data Pie® Cybersecurity AG, we have adapted our testing procedure
and our solution approaches to four different industries in particular:


​Protect your customer data and build trust

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Health Care

​Protect your patient records and
hospital data

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​Protect yourself from industrial espionage and data leakage

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Law Firms

​Protect your clients
and legal process data

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​At our company, the customer is our top priority.

Our IT security and data protection experts and are
highly qualified and take the time to carefully review your project, as each project and legal case requires different competencies and approaches.

​We make sure you get the best support from us to maximize your IT security efficiently.

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