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Our Focus

​Learn how companies around the world are using our solutions to reduce costs, improve their reputation, and fight cybercrime.
​With our focus on specific industries, we know the business processes, company data, and risks of those industries. This improves communication, understanding, and experience.

​We know where you stand and we know what you need. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

The Industries

​At Data Pie Cybersecurity, we have specialized our our testing process and solution approaches to four different industries. This way, we can ensure that we provide exactly the right solution for your needs. Together with your in-house IT specialists or selected partners, we implement the solution in practice.
​Don't leave your safety to chance.


​Protect your customer data and build trust

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Health Care

​Protect your patient records and
hospital data

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​Protect yourself from industrial espionage and data leakage

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Law Firms

​Protect your clients
and legal process data

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​More security in the digital everyday life. Whether it's a smarthome or home office, there can always be an IT security incident, and by then it's usually too late. The consequences can range from identity theft to encryption of your data. 

Learn now, along with your employees, how to securely handle your IT system.

​Click below to learn more about our Security Awareness training courses.

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Risk Management Training

​Learn what threats are, how to identify and assess them, how to develop effective protective measures, and how to
mitigate risks.

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​Company Training

​We train your employees and raise awareness for all important IT security topics. From dealing with spam and phishing emails to passwords, backups and the secure use of networks.

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​Individual Training

​Get up to date with the latest IT security and learn specifically what you need to know in your professional and private
everyday life.