Cybersecurity Solutions

​Data Pie Cybersecurity offers you security at the highest level.
Our service solutions are comprehensive and directly tailored to your needs.

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Penetration test

​​Using the latest hacking tools and gadgets, we manually test your network for security vulnerabilities.

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​​The Security-Check is a comprehensive and cost-effective examination of the
information security.

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IT Security Audit

​​The certified and independent auditors analyze your IT-supported business processes.

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IT Risk management

​​Terms of use, privacy policy, cookies notice - what is allowed? Protect yourself from legal consequences.

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IT Forensics

​​Data recovery and digital evidence preservation for concrete answers in case of data misuse and
data loss.

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Background check

​​We conduct professional research and find out everything that is publicly available for you. Including on the dark web.

What does Cybersecurity  

actually mean? 

Cybersecurity is a subcategory of information security and refers to the protection of networks, computer systems and all information and data contained therein. We always consider the entire information security in all our consultations and solutions.

Information Security

Information security is about securing and protecting data so that it is always available when you need it (availability), that it cannot be manipulated unnoticed (integrity) and that it can only be read by authorized persons (confidentiality). We as Data Pie Cybersecurity consider the moral aspects and business ethics and support companies, as well as authorities such as the German Federal Office for Information Security in cyber resilience (resilience and robustness of IT systems and IT structures).

Any IT system, no matter how well planned and implemented, can have vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can often be exploited to bypass security measures and pose a risk to data security and data privacy. It is therefore important to review and test IT systems, imitating the procedures of professional attackers/hackers. This is the most effective way to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities and security gaps.

Cybersecurity is often directed against cybercrime, but it also involves IT forensics and the traceability of data flows. In doing so, Data Pie® Cybersecurity pays attention to the technical protection, legal protection and the minimization of IT risks.

When it comes to information security, it is important to take a holistic approach in order to identify and minimize attack surfaces from different perspectives. You wouldn't protect a house from intruders by securing the front door but leaving the windows open.

That's why we base our approach on the following 3 pillars:

  • Technical and applicable IT Security
  • Legal Security
  • IT Risk Management

Technical security refers to the technical implementation of an IT infrastructure designed to ensure the best possible data security, such as installing a firewall or segmenting a network.

Applicable security refers to applicable measures within the existing IT infrastructure that are intended to increase the security of the data. Examples include a password policy or the principle of least privilege.

Legal security is about the protection of personal data. To ensure the privacy of individuals, legally required precautions must be taken.

IT risk management is about a company's own readiness to assume a risk. Risks must be identified for a company and assessed according to the severity of the damage as well as the probability of occurrence. If a company cannot assume certain risks, it must be determined whether and how the risk can be minimized.

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