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Protect sensitive data and your most valuable assets.
​Protect yourself as a healthcare facility against data loss and data theft and ensure the uninterrupted availability of your business operations.
​Our security experts will show you how.

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Schaffen Sie ein sicheres Umfeld
für Ihre Patienten und Mitarbeiter

Cyber incidents in medical facilities often have far-reaching consequences and quickly attract public attention. For this reason, hospitals, clinics and medical practices are attractive targets for malicious cyber actors.

Medical facilities are often inadequately protected against cyberattacks. Through our developed security check for hospitals, clinics and practices, we would like to help you identify these risks and counteract them with
effective measures.

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​​Protect your most valuable assets:

  • ​Sensitive patient files
  • ​Schedule availability
  • ​Documentations and prescriptions
  • ​Research data and contracts
  • ​Employee portals and remote access


  • ​Data loss / data theft
  • ​Financial damage and extortion
  • ​Legal consequences
  • ​Reputational damage
  • ​Interruptions of business activities

Invest into your:

  • ​Clinical excellence
  • ​Patient safety
  • ​Social responsibility
  • ​Data privacy compliance
  • ​Loyalty and reliability
  • ​Cyber Resilience
  • ​Availability of medical equipment

​Managing patient data in today's times requires an especially high level of caution and responsibility. ​The cybercrime is at an all-time high and cybercriminals are developing their attack tactics constantly. From event-based spear phishing emails to false phone calls and requests to take action, to multiple extortion and
Supply Chain Attacks.
Therefore, protect your company's assets as well as your customers and benefit from a solid and secure reputation.  

​We support you in
securing your data.

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