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Protect your production and supply chains and prevent disruptions.

​Secure your company with our developed Security-Check specifically for industrial companies.
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​Provide a safe environment
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Industry 4.0 is intelligently linking machines and processes. This network of new information technology is critical to security and poses additional security risks alongside normal office IT.

We help you achieve an appropriate level of security through our
developed Security-Check for industrial companies.

Our ​Solution

​​Protect your most valuable assets:

  • ​Production plans and quantities
  • ​Quality control protocols and maintenance plans
  • ​Financial reports and contracts
  • Employee portals and remote access
  • ​Patents, trademarks, NDAs


  • ​Data loss / data theft
  • ​Financial damage / extortion
  • ​Legal consequences
  • ​Reputational damage
  • ​Production errors and downtime

Invest into your:

  • ​Reliability
  • Quality
  • ​Discretion and confidentiality
  • ​Data privacy compliance
  • ​Loyalty and reliability
  • Cyber resilience

​The increasing production and development of high-quality products requires a considerable degree of caution and responsibility.
​As a company in the industrial sector, you have to face the increasing threats of cybercrime.

​Criminals' attack techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated and range from event-based spear phishing emails to false phone calls and requests to take action, to multiple extortion and Supply Chain Attacks. 

​Assets and customer data must be comprehensively protected. This avoids reputational damage and preserves the trust of your customers in the long term.

​We support you in
securing your data.

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