IT Forensics

Data recovery and digital evidence preservation for concrete answers to IT crimes and data loss.

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​Digital search for clues
and forensic analysis

​After a security incident, we conduct a systematic and forensic search for digital traces to clarify the causes and background of the incident.
In the event of data theft and data loss, we also conduct forensic analyses to reconstruct the course of events and restore the data if possible.

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​Do you fear that important data has been lost in your organization or in your private environment? Do you suspect data misuse? Perhaps with a criminal background? If so, the only thing that can help is quick action with professional support. We reconstruct the course of events as accurately as possible and begin to secure all digital clues and evidence. In cases of suspicion, you should no longer access the affected device. Simply switching off or on a digital data carrier can destroy valuable electronic evidence.
Our procedure complies with the "best practices" of IT forensics and the steps are carefully documented to ensure that the evidence can be successfully used in court.

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