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We check your company for all legal, technical and organizational requirements.

​We review your entire IT security and identify vulnerabilities in the areas of organization, personnel, physical infrastructure, technical systems and also legal aspects. Subsequently, you will receive recommended actions to improve the security in your company.
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The most fundamental risk identification process for companies of any size and industry is a security audit. A systematic assessment of the IT infrastructure can determine the extent to which it conforms to the
current "best practices."


​Reviewing your security policies

​An information security audit is a systematic review of a company's or organization's security measures to ensure that they are adequate to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and information. The security audit assesses how effectively a company's security policies are implemented and it identifies potential gaps and vulnerabilities in existing systems and processes. If the identified vulnerabilities are remediated, this leads to an improvement in information security and increased resilience with regard to data losses of any kind.

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Unser IT-Sicherheitsaudit

​​Our company has qualified experts with extensive experience and the highest training standards in the field of information security and data privacy audits. Our auditors efficiently review your organization for security gaps, vulnerabilities, and non-compliance issues, and provide actionable recommendations based on these findings to help your organization achieve appropriate and effective security risk management. Our security audits are also relevant in internal investigations when non-compliance is discovered or misconduct is suspected. Our findings can be used in any litigation or legal proceedings, helping to strengthen your internal controls and minimize future risks.

​Document Review

​The auditor obtains a sufficient understanding of the area to be audited in the company. To prepare for the on-site audit, an audit plan is prepared and the required topics are named so that the organization to be audited can define interview partners.

​Implementation Review

​​The auditor reviews the organization's IT systems and processes for vulnerabilities, risks, and compliance with the security policy. This may include a combination of interviews, technical tests, and physical inspections.

​Follow-up Meeting

​​​​The final report contains a summary of the audit findings and recommendations for improving IT security. The report is forwarded to the relevant stakeholders of the company and serves as a basis for the implementation of the recommendations.