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Put your security to the test before anyone else does - with our manually performed penetration tests.

​Check your applications and networks for vulnerabilities and eliminate misconfigurations and security loopholes in your IT infrastructure.

Our pentesters check your security.

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Penetration testing is a basic procedure for determining the current security level of an IT environment. This involves identifying vulnerabilities in networks and applications.

Subsequent elimination of the vulnerabilities leads to increased protection against cyberattacks.


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​Our pentesters find the same vulnerabilities as cybercriminals, using real hacker tools and proprietary scripts in a multi-tool approach. Each company and network has its own specifics, which is why we don't leave this task to automated programs. Our security experts use manual techniques, follow the cyber kill chain, and are very familiar with how hackers operate.

​​With our manual penetration test, we simulate a real attack on your company without exploiting the vulnerabilities discovered. We show you how sophisticated hackers would proceed to detect vulnerabilities in your system.

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Before a penetration test is carried out, the threats are analyzed on site during a walk-through (physical IT security). With targeted questions your demands are determined and in a subsequent discussion we agree on the approach, as well as the scope of action. These steps are important to be able to meet your requirements and to prevent damages and failures of the IT systems during the penetration test.

The analysis of the network is done in a multi-tool procedure and starts with an extensive information gathering about your organization, infrastructure and existing systems to identify all possible attack vectors.

Afterwards, Data Pie® Cybersecurity slips into the role of an attacker. Using real attack techniques, an attempt is made to penetrate the network and gain access to sensitive data and systems. With public as well as with our own scripts, vulnerabilities are scanned and the analysis is continued with specific manual techniques.

Based on the vulnerabilities found and their risk, appropriate measures are recommended to minimize your risk from cyberattacks and data leaks.

You will receive a detailed final report with descriptions of the procedures, all vulnerabilities found and with suggestions for remediation/minimization of the existing risks.

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Through regular penetration testing, an organization can reduce its cyber risk by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities before cyber criminals can attack its IT infrastructure, systems, applications or employees. Penetration testing is now part of regulatory requirements in the financial and automotive industries. Other industries are expected to follow suit, as protecting confidential data is critical regardless of industry or company size. For this reason, we strongly recommend that the IT security is examined on a regular basis.