Security Awareness​​​​

Security starts with you and your employees.

​​We convey the necessary knowledge so that employees can recognize security risks and react to them correctly.

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​​The human being is still the greatest vulnerability in a company. With targeted and company-relevant training, we provide employees at every level of the hierarchy with an awareness of security and risks in dealing with data and information in everyday business.
The result is increased awareness and caution among employees and thus improved information security in the company.

Strengthen your first line of defense

The biggest risk to a company's security and their data is its people/employees. They are the ones who unknowingly open dangerous file attachments, click on links, use common passwords, write them down and even disclose them when asked. Attackers know how to exploit this vulnerability see great opportunities in employees to gain access to information or access to systems and thus endanger both data protection and the economic success of a company.

It is therefore important to not only ensure technical security and grant employees minimal privileges, but also to sensitize employees to the dangers and effects. 

Our security awareness training is aimed at employees, as well as contractors, business partners and managers. Every person who has an influence on the company must be aware of the risks regarding IT security, data protection / privacy and physical security. We provide the necessary knowledge to deal with these security threats during daily business.

The goal is to achieve increased awareness and caution, because once there is such a level of awareness, there is a higher level of security.

Relevant Content

Our security awareness training courses are tailored to the specific company. The content varies depending on the industry, working method or software used. We also teach about the companies' specific IT security policies and processes. Participants receive information about which procedures are to be followed or which persons must be informed when security incidents are detected. If companies have a high turnover of employees or employ a large number of external or temporary staff, the training sessions should be held at regular intervals. The training sessions strengthen the understanding of why data and IT infrastructure security are important.