Security Check

​The protected Security Check verifies your technical and legal security.

​With the Data Pie® Security Check you get the best possible overview, about your technical and legal IT security. The founder of Data Pie® Cybersecurity AG has developed the Security Check for small and medium-sized enterprises to take a comprehensive look at IT security and to also effectively support your company on the risks in data protection.

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Protect your company

​When it comes to information security, it is important to take a comprehensive approach to identify and minimize attack surfaces from different perspectives.

​That is why we at Data Pie® Cybersecurity offer our Security Check as a comprehensive and cost-effective option to improve the information security.


  • ​​Unauthorized access
  • Failure/Downtime of the IT
  • ​Loss of income 
  • ​Data breaches (Data leaks) 
  • ​Legal Consequences 
  • ​Data protection incidents 

IT security is NOT only technical

​To cover IT security as comprehensively as possible, the
Data Pie® Security Check examines the following three areas:

​Technical and applicable IT Security

Legal ​Requirements

IT Risk

​With these services, Data Pie® Cybersecurity closes a gap that conventional law firms and cybersecurity providers cannot close. Through our own developed approach, we can test extensively and specifically, making an overpriced penetration test unnecessary in many cases.

​We support you in
securing your data.

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Our Approach:

OSINT Research

  • Extensive information gathering about the organization, infrastructure and systems in place, to identify all possible attack vectors
  • Review of documentation (IT infrastructure, security strategy)

Penetration Test

  • Scanning for vulnerabilities with public and custom scripts
  • Analysis via multi-tool procedure with manual techniques
  • Review and evaluation of the results according to the risk (CVSS)
  • Elaboration of recommended actions to eliminate the security vulnerabilities

Data Privacy

  • Review of privacy policy
  • Review of imprint, cookie banner and tracking for marketing purposes
  • Development of recommendations for measures to ensure compatibility with applicable data privacy laws

Final Report

  • Description of the procedure and listing of all vulnerabilities with corresponding recommended actions

Further Advantages

  • After successful implementation of the recommended measures, customers receive a Security-Check label, with which they receive discounts and an uncomplicated entry into a cyber insurance of the AXA Group.
  • The costs incurred are chargeable to other services.